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Westwood Village CA

Westwood Village CA
Westwood Village CA

Showing old businesses of the city and traffic, text on the backside reads:

Westwood Village is ultra-modern, different in every respect, in a land at unusual communities. Smart shops, intimate restaurants, outdoor skating rink and the college atmosphere, all lend to make Westwood one of the most unusual and pictoresque of California’s newer cities.

A similar view, ca.20 years earlier, we see here.)

Sands Motel Las Vegas NV

The Sands Motel Las Vegas NV
The Sands is a great hotel created in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. This magnificent structure was created by a leading designer who has achieved an architectural blend of modern beauty and design which will remain unsurpassed for years to come.
(A card of a hotel with the same and similar architectural layout (!) is here.)

Side note:
The Sands Motel Las Vegas NV and many other Vegas hotels of the 50’s are featured in this interesting video