This collection shows vintage Oldsmobile ads from 1946 to the fifties. Most of them were published in the ‘Saturday Evening Post’, the ‘Country Gentleman’, ‘Holiday’ and ‘Life’.

Oldsmobile Script Collection of Ads

The ads shown here are not taken randomly from the Internet! Each of the ads have been scanned in high res and the paper background replace with a unique ‘paper-style’ RGB tone. This why they look more ‘crispy’ than what you normally see online.

Also featured here are chrome post cards, showing dealer give outs of Oldsmobile and post cards of a more general kind, showing vintage traffic.

Finally a small part of my collection of private old car photos shown at private vintage photos.

A sister site of this site shows ads from other car makers (‘vintageads’) from my collection. You can see many Buick ads, that I also collect, and some ads of other makes (mostly GM).

You could find these ads in the ‘Other Ads’ section.

(This sister site is currently not available, sorry. No worries, all the images are safe and saved. Enter yourself in the mailing list for being notified if the sister site of ‘Vintage Olds Ads’is back online.)

Oldsmobile 1950 Ad Westwood Village CA

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